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Activate only when you control a face-up "Psychic Armor Head". Special Summon up to 4 Level 4 or lower Armor monsters from your Deck. Your Deck is then shuffled.

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 Yu-Gi-Oh The forgotten hero chap 1

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Moonlight Rider Rep Logan

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The forgotten hero chap 1   June 30th 2010, 6:47 am

By: Moonlight rider - Logan

This take place in duel academy 5 years after the end of GX.
Synchro monsters are present.
not as good as it will be.
will be edited.
Bold= important
italic = tobias's thouhgts

"Oy, Ax, get your ass ready, I need to test out my new deck," Tobias shouted into the phone.
"Sure, but do be warned, I'll be bringin my A-game!"
"'Kay, I'll be outside blue in about 30 minutes, see ya then, fluffy."
"Okay, wait, wha?"---and with that Tobias hung up the phone, placed it in his pocket, and dawned his Ra-yellow uniform.

Tobias Walker sat down for a moment at his desk, just staring blankly at the monitor of his computer. "Okay, I think im ready for this, I'm trusting in you...."Tobias semi-whispered to his deck as he took it out of the desk drawer and placed it in his duel disk.
Tobias took one last breath, got up slowly, and popped his back with a crack louder than expected.

"Unh..."said a slifer red student sleeping in the bed at the far side of the room.
"Uh-oh, woke up moby dick."
"-smack-smack- How -yawn- am I moby dick... I'm skinny as hell!"
"Your name, dumbass."
"Oh."(while yawning)
"I'm going to try out my new deck against Fluffy, you should either come with, or go back to your dorm for the night."
"Since when is he called 'Fluffy'"?
"Since now."
"You never cease to disturb me, you know that?" Richard said with a mocking grin.
"Why thank you!!" Tobias shouted with a sarcastic grin of equal caliber. They laughed.
"Nah man, I'm sleepy, and comfortable, so I'mma just stay here for the night."
"That's 'kay, seeya later then, freeloader."
"Bye man."

Tobias walked out of the door, and started on his walk to The Obelisk Blue Boy's dorm.

ONE Part 2

"-pant- -pant- I've -pant- made it... -pant- where is he?" "Right-- "GAH, HOOOOOOLY CRAP WHERE'D YOU COME FROM!?!?!?" "Behind you....." "Oh.... -pant- phew...okay, let's duel"

LP 8000
LP 8000

Tobias's turn.

"I'll draw!"
"I'll summon [The Crimson-Winged Phantom]" shouted Tobias, as he summoned his new monster.

"Next I Set 1 card face down, and I end my turn."

Axwell's turn.

"I activate the spell card, [Foolish Burial]! And then I send, my [Dragunity Phalanx]
]to the Graveyard!" Could this be his undefeatable dragon-bird strategy, revealing itself on the first turn?

"Next, I summon My [Dragunity Dux] "By using the effect of [Dragunity Dux], I can equip him with a dragunity tuner from my graveyard! And, as soon as those words left his lips, a green beam of light shot from the ground under Dux, when the light had dissapated, you could see he was riding Phalanx."

"Woah, nice moves man!" Tobias said with a genuine smile. "Now, Dux's other effect, allows him to gain power for my dragunities, raising him to 1900 attack points! Attack his phantom!!!! DRAGONS MIGHT!!!!" Axwell Shouted.

Dux rammed into the phantom, destroying it, and reducing Tobias' life points by 500.

LP 7500

"You've activated its effect, which allows me to add 1 [Phoenix Carrier] monster from my deck to my hand. Returned Tobias."

"Turn end."

Tobias's turn.

Yes, I've done it!
" i summon [Phoenix Commander!]"

"and then I activate her effect, allowing me to summon a phoenix monster from my hand, by discarding one!" " and I Choose, PHoenix carrier!, and I discard my phoenix hatchling. Now, I Can use its effect!"

"syncro summon!, Phoenix crusader!"

"Is this your current deck's ace monster, Tobias?"Inquired Axwell
"you hit the nail on the head!"
*-note, with lack of time and excess of creative inspiration....I've chosen to not put card pictures at this point in time, nor links and whatnot-*
"Now, Phoenix crusader Attack Dux"Shouted Tobias
600 damage to life points
Dux destroyed

Axwell 7400
Tobias set two cards without a word, then said " you're up"
Axwell's turn.
" I summon Dragunity Arms- Elevaz!"
Lv5 Winged beast wind effect
You can special summon this card form your hand when you control no monster and you have 2 or more "dragunity" monsters in your graveyard. When this card is summoned that way, you can equip one "dragunity" monster in your graveyard to this card.
"then I'll use his effect to equip him with phalanx"
Whoa, He pulled it off again?
With a smirk worthy of a villain, he removed his Phalanx from his Back row and summoned it as a monster.
"what how'd you do that?!?!?!!!"
"He-heh.....When Phalanx is an equip card, I can Choose to summon him to the field!"
"whats that gonna do?"
"Synchro summon!"
I forgot... all of the dragunity dragons are tuners....
Dragunity Knight - Ubarrta
Lv7 Wind Winged beast synchro effect
1 dragon type tuner + 1 or more non tuners
When this card is synchro summoned, you can send 1 "dragunity" tuner monster from your deck to the graveyard. This card gains 200 ATK for each "dragunity" card you control.
"I send, dragunity Aklys from my deck to the graveyard with his effect"
"here is where it gets interesting" continued Axwell" I activate my magic card, Dragon's Mirror, dragon's Mirror allows me to remove fusion materials in my graveyard, to fuse for a dragon type fusion monster!"
I remove Dragunity Phalanx, Dragunity Arms - elevaz, and dragunity Aklys, To fuse!"
A mirror appeared in the playing field, it revealed a group shot of the fusion materials, then the mirror rippled like liquid, returned to normal. and showed a powerful dragon in the reflection.
"whoa, your deck can fusion summon too?.. No wonder you're the best in the Blue"Exclaimed Tobias while he pulled at his own hair in stress.
Dragunity Vanguard - Exortus
When this card is fusion summoned, remove all WIND monsters in your graveyard from play. When this card is sent to the graveyard, add 2 of your removed form play "dragunity" monster to your hand, and return one removed "dragunity" monster to the graveyard.
"Now, my knight grows stronger from the bonds of his allies!"
"Elevaz, destroy his Crusader!"
-300 LP
Tobias 7200 LP
Rise of the phonixian brethren
Normal trap
Activate only when you have 4 or more "phoenix" monsters in your graveyard and your opponent declares a direct attack, end the battle phase, remove 2 "phoenix" monsters in your graveyard from play, draw 2 cards.
Tobias removed phoenix hatchling and phoenix commander from play and drew his cards.
"gr......I'll end my turn with one card face down"
"My turn! Ya know... A Phoenix Always rises form the ashes."
"I draw, during my standby phase, My crusader is revived, He gains 500 ATK points as well."
3000 ATK
"what is this?... It must be the them of your Phoenix deck..."
"additionally, I get to destroy one monster on the feild!"
"Destroy Elevaz!"
Crusader jumped into the air and spun into a blazing tornado, eliminating the monster in a nightmarish inferno.
"my monster!"
" Trap card Activate, Rise from the ashes!... which allows me to retrieve my Hatchling"
Normal trap
activate only when a monster is summoned from your graveyard, Add 1 of your removed from play cards to your hand.
"..... wow, all that, before your main phase even began...."
"speaking of my main phase, Here is where the fun star-------
---oh, sorry, phone"Tobias said with an embarrassed expression as he took out his phone.
It was Professor O'Brien. ( yes Austin O'Brien from GX is the Ra Yellow dorm professor)
"Tobias, the freshman curfew is in ten minutes, if you are not back at the dorm by then, You will Have To clean the slifer Bathrooms."
"the wha...? I'm PRETTY sure that falls under cruel and in-humane punishment..."
"you have been warned."
" uhm, Toby, are you okay?" Axwell asked
"professor O'Brien"
"oh, Yeah He's a man of few words..."
" I have to go.. sorry...."
"oh, freshman curfew man.. that's tough"
"yeah and I still cant make it anyways.."
"wait, I could give you a ride"
"On what?"
" Dragon soul, My duel runner"
With all the glee of a child getting his first deck, Tobias asked, " I ... Get to ride a duel runner?......Very Happy"
"with me , Of-course"
" I know, But..."
Axwell pressed a button on his duel disk, Tobias heard a door opening. "come with me"They walked through about 60 feet of trees before coming to a tool shed with one door raised. They went into the inky darkness of the shed.
Axwell flipped a switch, revealing 6 duel runners, all polished and amazing to the eye.
"This one is mine"
"oh, okay, didn't have to tell me that, with the green body and gold dragon wings and what-not"
They Got into the duel runner, Tobias behind Axwell.
"hold on tight'
"uhm... gonna be weird... but.. okay"
Almost immediately Tobias was plunged into a world of speed, He felt so alive, at peace, as if everything in the universe was in harmony, he had entered it, The World of speed.
The wind through his hair, in his face, blowing under his jacket, It was almost ecstasy.
For about 5 minutes, He was speechless.
'The ride ends here, get off little buddy."
"oh... okay..."
"you alright?"
"yeah..... It's just... How'd you get that duel runner?"
" Soft more year, You will be chosen If you performed well this year, to be one of the school's turbo duelists, you will be given creative control on designing a custom Duel Runner, and Some of the finest Mechanics in Domino will create it for you"
"oh... okay... I guess I'll just have to be the best then."Smile
"I know you can man. you just have to find your soul and stick with it, You cant change your deck every week, You have to create a deck that represents your heart and soul, only then will you reach the level of connection with your cards to become a turbo duelist"
"I know....."
"get some rest, oh by the way, you've got one minute left to get in your room for curfew."
Tobias Jumped off the runner while shouting " thanks fluffy!"
"no problem!" Axwell returned, now indifferent to the nickname.
Tobias ran through The courtyard out side the dorm, and couldn't stop in time,"OH SHIT!"went face-first into the door.
"Ow, ow, ow , ow" Tobias said as he regained his composure and opened the door.
he turned to his left to the elevator once inside
" OH, COME ON!!!"
He spun around to the right, ran down the first floor hallway, towards the stairs.
He Ran into the stairs, and reached the first landing before running into Ms. Young, he barely dodged running into her, but she still dropped her cleaning supplies."why I never...."
"sorry, Ma'am!"Tobias shouted while at the top of the stairs, He could see, his dorm at the end of the hall, He was almost there, He opened the door, plopped down on his bed "
"phew, barely made it"
What a long day.....
This...This... world of speed, I've tasted, It, I, I want it more than anything.....
Soon I have to find my true deck, or I will never be a turbo duelist....

" My soul" he mumbled while his eyes drooped closed
" the world of speed....."
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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh The forgotten hero chap 1   July 1st 2010, 12:49 pm

It's like you WANT people to know your failure... j/k. Good luck with the guild, Blaze.

Oh great... it cuts the Username out of my post, this is Dark, btw.
Sorry if you have something against double posting, but I cannot edit
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Yu-Gi-Oh The forgotten hero chap 1
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