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Armor Gravitation

Armor Gravitation

Activate only when you control a face-up "Psychic Armor Head". Special Summon up to 4 Level 4 or lower Armor monsters from your Deck. Your Deck is then shuffled.

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Armor Master Leader

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PostSubject: Rules   June 30th 2010, 3:12 am

General Etiquette

- Avoid use of excessive profanity, and do not use profanity in topic titles
- Do not discuss using bodily fluids as condiments/incest/bestiality/whatever sort socially unacceptable behavior you can think of. Keep your love life out of here.
- Do not post pornography, or any images that could be taken as offensive. If you have to ask if an image is offensive, then it is.
- Do not post topics in CAPS, it's considered rude & trollish, there is no need to shout!

Religious debate

There is no need to bring debate on religion to the forums, its simply not the place for it. Such posts will be removed.


"o u" is not a constructive post and is considered spam. Just quoting somebody's statement without adding insight is spam. Think before you post (see General Etiquette).

Avatar, Signatures & of Profile Fields.
No Profanity, Pornagraphy and other images which are disturbing. No one wants to see, and at best you'll just be stripped of your ability to use them. Including HTML or text irrelevant to the profile field's name (e.g. Location: Hiding Under Yo Mommas Bed! ) is considered spam.

Your signature must fix inside of this box:


This is a competitive game & sometimes things will get heated. Keep it about dueling, we don't know who is on the other side of the screen and nobody cares anyways.
Talking smack is fine, but when a back an forth conflict between 2 users resorts to flaming and personal attacks, it needs to move to another venue (PM) or just stop. It is only a game after all....

Sharing of Personal Information

Posting another members IRL (In-Real Life) information against their wishes is an instant ban. This includes using another player's picture as your avatar, posting their picture when that is clearly not their desire, sharing their private blog links or images etc etc. This applies to both in game, and in the forum.

Additional rules may be added as and when needed.

If a Registered User breechs these guidelines, they may be warned. After 3 warnings your account will be limited. It's at the discretion of the DMG forum to decide if a user is deemed likely to continue disruptive behavior on the forum, and your account may simply be blocked or removed instead.
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